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The school takes attendance very seriously. 

By law, parents whose children are of compulsory school age and registered at school are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school regularly and punctually. If they fail to do this they are guilty of an offence and may be given a penalty notice or prosecuted under section 444 of the Education Act 1996.

The Local Authority set the school attendance targets and we have a link with an Education Welfare Officer, (EWO) who monitors pupil absence.  We ask that parents also take attendance seriously and note the following points:



When a child is absent for whatever reason parents are requested to contact the school office on 01803 863519 before 9.15am.  Unless a reason is given, your child will be given an unauthorised absence.  In the interest of safety, if we do not receive an explanation we will make contact with you on the first day of your child’s absence. We are required by law to mark this in the register.



Please keep your child at home for 48 hours after an episode of diarrhea and/or vomitting.  Children who are absent from school for more than 3 days will be asked to provide an appointment card/prescription indicating that a medical professional has been seen.  In light of safeguarding procedures parents must inform the school everyday of the reason for their child’s continuing absence.  


Medical Appointments

Please endeavour to make all medical appointments out of school hours.  If this is not possible, children should attend for registration so that they do not get a half day absence.  Please confirm this information with a note or message to the School Office in advance and provide a photograph of your child's appointment card/letter.  This paperwork can be taken to the School Office if more convenient.

Schools Alert Procedures

Attendance will be closely monitored on a daily basis.  Where we have concerns, parents will be asked to attend a meeting with the Class and Headteacher where a plan of support will be put in to place for the family.  If attendance does not improve then the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) will be informed which could result in the prosecution process being instigated. 

Holidays during Term Time

No holidays are authorised during term time except in exceptional circumstances which will be considered in line with guidance.  Any holidays taken will be recorded as unauthorised.  Please see the S2 Form Request for Absence.  Children must attend school at all times unless they are unwell. 

Late attendance

All children who are late (after the close of registration) also have a half a day absence, which is unauthorised. Registers close at 9.15am.  Frequent lateness can add up to a considerable amount of learning lost and can obviously disadvantage your child.  Being late means that your child is not settled at the start of the day, they miss the first part of the lesson and they can feel excluded from friendship groups.

What absence really means

Regular school attendance is an important part of giving your child the best possible start in life. 

  • There are 365 days a year – you only have to attend school for 190 of those.  That leaves 175 days to do everything else.

  • If you are 5 minutes late every day this adds up to 3 days lost per year

  • If you are 15 minutes late every day this adds up to almost 10 days lost every year

  • If you are absent from school for 1 day a week throughout your school life you will be missing 2 years of your education

  • If you are absent from school for 1 day every half a term throughout your whole school life, you will miss, in total, 3 months of education

  • 90% attendance throughout your school life equates to missing 1 whole year of education

Impact on Your Child

Each day your child is absent from school, is a day of their education they are missing out on.  Good attendance is at the heart of good progress.  Children only get one chance at school, and your child’s chances of a successful future may be significantly affected by not attending regularly.

Children who attend school regularly:-

  • Keep up with their school work

  • Are present for all curriculum opportunities

  • Make friends and enjoy the social side of school life

  • Have a better chance of getting a good job in the future

If you have any questions regarding attendance, please do not hesitate to contact the Headteacher or the School Office. 

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